Transmission Videos


History of Jodrell Bank

Transmission Videos


The Flaming Lips talk space and science at Jodrell Bank

The giant Lovell Telescope takes centre stage with an intermission with the history of Jodrell Bank, the message on the 1977 voyager probes and some sci fi for good measure before the ‘Lips launch into ‘race for the prize’

The Flaming Lips performing ‘Do you realize’ in front of the towering Lovell telescope.

British Sea power perform ‘Carrion’ live at Jodrell Bank

The promotional video for Transmission_001


Transmission_001 Review –

Transmission _001 Review – Manchester Confidential

Transmission 001 Review – Efestivals

Doves performing live at Jodrell Bank – The Guardian

A look inside the giant telescope – BBC

History of Jodrell Bank

After 51 years as a focal point on the Cheshire skyline, Jodrell Bank observatory faced potential closure due to cuts in funding, this was the reaction!